Wellbeing Requirements

+ Workshop Terms and Conditions

Tomorrow Man value the safety and wellbeing of participants above all else .Our wellbeing requirements aim to provide a supportive environment for all our participants before, during and after our workshops enabling them to get the most out of the content and activites. Please ensure there is a delegated staff member who can support with this process.

Well- Being Requirements

Delegated Staff Member
Tomorrow Man requires a staff member present within the workshop. The responsibility of the staff member is to support the well-being of the participant in and following the workshop delivery if required.

Communicate potential issues/concerns
Before the workshops, we ask you to provide Tomorrow Man facilitators with any identified specific issues or concerns regarding the participants.  Identified needs or concerns might include the following: 

  • Participants who are vulnerable due to recent trauma or loss, mental health or other life circumstances

  • Participants who may find the workshop content challenging due to a learning difficulty or disability

  • A big issue which has affected the whole group, for example, the loss of a student, club member at the school or community organization

  • A potential issue within the group dynamic that may influence the workshop, for example, bullying or conflict

Participant Briefing and Opt Out
Tomorrow Man recommends briefing all participants of the workshop to provide transparency of the context and desired outcomes of our work and provide participants with the right to opt out before it’s delivery.

Tomorrow Man provides a quote for you to accept, this acceptance also states that you agree to our wellbeing requirements and financial terms and conditions. 


Participant Follow-Up
Due to the nature of the workshops, issues of a sensitive and personal nature may arise.  If required, it is the responsibility of the employer, school or sporting club to provide appropriate follow-up/support to participant.

Due to the themes and content of the workshops, a ‘no media’ policy applies.

No Change Policy
The client will commit to avoiding changes to the booking date unless circumstances are beyond their control.  If we are unable to reschedule to a mutually agreed date, Tomorrow Man will refund the deposit.

If a cancellation is made more than four weeks before the delivery date, the client will pay a cancellation fee of 25% of total workshop fee.  If cancellation occurs within four weeks of delivery date, a no-refund policy applies and the deposit will be forfeited.