State of Play

Australian boys and men are suffering the consequences of an old version of masculinity that isn't sufficient for living a healthy life today. The stats are bad and the stereotype is entrenched and long standing

The game has changed, yet the training grounds haven’t caught up. Boys and men require innovative training grounds to deconstruct the stereotype and build emotional muscle by learning to talk with gravity and hold space for their mates to talk openly and honestly about their lives.

We desperately need to provide an attractive, relevant, practical and healthy alternative to an old school masculine stereotype. We have normalised training your brain (IQ), your hands for trade, your body for fitness and health but normalised peer accepted training grounds for building emotional muscle are still missing

What - Our differentiated approach

Exemplify and role model healthy masculinity through elite facilitation

Non-threatening challenge; direct without judgment or drama

Bring curiosity to the masculine stereotype and all participants to see for ourselves whether it's serving our interests

A relevant and appealing emotional skill set that fits intuitively with the lives and demands of today’s and tomorrow’s men

Create environments workshop where guys can practice on the tools and custom build a workable masculinity they feel proud to wear

How we do it

Two hour entry level workshop “Re-writing the Man Code” Engaging, interactive and practical workshop that allows the boys/men to explore their experience of masculinity, reveals the secret lives of men through talking openly and honestly with gravity. Delivered in high schools to students and teachers, sporting clubs, masculine dominant workplaces and for the general public

Six month intensive integrated program that builds mature emotional muscle and a culture of healthy masculinity through the combined self development of the participants individual interpretation of masculinity

Partner with values aligned initiates and organisations to spread awareness and accelerate the evolution of the Australian male ideal


The ability to talk with gravity: Communicating in a way that effortlessly carries emotional intensity and gets the heart of the issue

Building the emotional muscle and skills to hold space for your mates to talk honestly with vulnerability and with emotion

Strengthen the relationship fabric amongst participants to be able to hold strong under duress

Freedom to explore and widen the scope on what it means to be a man and permission to challenge the narrow societal stereotype


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