Tom Harkin

the Team

Tom Harkin is the brainchild of Tomorrow Man. After 10 years with Reach foundation training facilitation and delivering workshops for corporate sponsors Tom was approached by Price Waterhouse Coopers to work development programs ranging from emerging leader to partner programs and in 2010 Tom Harkin Consulting was born. In 2016 Tomorrow Architects and Tomorrow Man were formed to deliver change programs to corporate leaders, youth and those facilitating or working with youth and sporting teams.


The Tomorrow Man’s team is comprised of highly skilled, brand aligned associate facilitators, all with more than 10 years experience. We deliver highly engaging interventions that build relevant emotional muscle to meet the needs of each individual organisation. Our active learning modules are delivered by facilitators who exemplify and embody the targeted capabilities avoiding being subject matter experts without congruence or personal experience of real world application.

Our facilitators are Tom Bell, Tom Canny, Adam Daniel, Zac Prior and Ryder Susman.