State of Play

What does it mean to be a bloke today? And what do we want it to look like tomorrow?

The tide is changing for men young and old, and the outdated stereotype is leaving some of our mates, dads, sons, uncles, teammates, workmates and brothers stranded without the tools for a healthy life.

Tomorrow Man facilitate workshops for boys and parents in schools, and, men in sporting clubs, workplaces and communities. We explore how we can look after ourselves, our mates and families better while carving out our own version of the Aussie man.

It’s time we got in a room to have a no holds barred conversation about the state of man; face the stats and create room to break the stereotype.



Disrupt an old school male stereotype that has us by the balls, perpetuating a norm of masculinity that is far too narrow and doesn't allow permission for healthy traits that strengthen resilience, keeping more men alive today and tomorrow.



Build emotional muscle. To begin we practice the capacity to talk with gravity, talking about things of weight and depth and often emotional intensity. We believe if more men learn this skill, the stats will change for the better.


We aim to seek out and embody an attractive, relevant and modern alternative to an archaic stereotype. A more flexible version of tomorrow's man that resonates and speaks to the mainstream male.


tomorrow man workshops for teens


Secondary schools, TAFE and Universities 

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Amateur/Professional sporting clubs and sporting bodies 

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Male dominant work environments in the public and private sectors



With aligned brands that resonate with a mainstream male audience

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All our workshops are available Australia wide.



Breaking the Man Code

Entry level two hour experiential workshop that explores the impact the stereotype has on us and creates a unique conversation about the secret life of us and our mates on the way to re-writing the rules on what it means to be a man.

Follow up workshops are available and are customised to needs.

Tomorrow Man intensive

A 6-12 month long form group program building advanced emotional intelligence and exploring a broad range of themes facing tomorrow's men. Participants leave this program having experienced a sustained culture of healthy masculinity and walk away with their own version of masculinity.   



We partner with aligned brands that resonate with mainstream men to create activations that empower men to take the reigns and shape what tomorrow's men will be. We believe it's important to get the tone of voice right and use language that resonates with the men suffering most from the straight jacket of the stereotype.


Our experienced team delivers keynotes and facilitated keynotes on a range of topics to boys, men, teachers, parents, etc. We focus on what we know, and that's how to talk to men and be invited into the secret life of men so that we can best help them shape tomorrow. 

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